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Mara Singer
Mortgage Loan Originator
8871 W Flamingo Rd Suite 202
Las Vegas, NV 89147
Direct:(702) 523-4200
Office:(702) 522-6743
Email: mara.singer@city1st.com
NMLS #: 373441


City 1st Mortgage is pleased to present an extraordinary and diverse individual, Mara Singer.  Maras’ formative years were spent in Europe and North Africa, where she ballet danced with the British Royal Academy and discovered her love for travel.  Experiencing many different cultures was exciting and educational for her.  Since coming to the United States, she has lived in New York City, Chicago, Denver, Kansas City, California and Northwest Florida.  She finished her education in Kansas City and, after all her travels, settled in Las Vegas in 1980.

Mara Singer is one of our licensed senior loan officers and has excelled in mortgage lending for more than 18 years.  Her background in the commodities market, managing credit unions and as a Nevada realtor has proven invaluable to her as a well- rounded lender.

With Mara Singer as your loan officer you will find that she listens, educates her clients, holds sight of your goals and believes in finding solutions rather than problems. You will find working with Mara to be a satisfying, delightful and rewarding experience.

City First Mortgage Services, LLC
8871 Flamingo Road Suite 202, Las Vegas, NV  89147
Office:  (702) 522-6743
Fax:  (702) 974-0848
Direct:  (702) 250-5192
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